Owners Deb and Wayne Rotelle

About the Ranch:
Living Streams Ranch is situated on a picturesque back road in Quakertown, PA. The founders, Deb and Wayne Rotelle, have lived in the farmhouse where they raised their children, horses, and many other 4-legged creatures for many years. As their children grew more independent, they felt called to serve in ministry using the beautiful property and horses that God had provided for them. Through prayer and reflection, they followed God’s leading to serve women, teens, and children who need deep soul healing from grief, trauma, and emotional wounds. The ministry was started in 2017. Since then, Deb and several trusted Session Leaders have been sharing their love for Jesus, passion for horses, and guidance in healing with hundreds of Ranchers.

Our Beliefs

Hannah with girl on horse

About the Session Leaders:
We do not provide licensed mental health counseling at Living Streams Ranch. Our Session Leaders are Christian mentors and guides who have a passion for serving those who have suffered. Our Session Leaders are Christian women who have come through their own adversity, trauma, and grief to find freedom in the grace and mercy of Jesus. The Session Leaders are volunteers who have vast experience working with women, teens, and children who are hurting.

Who We Serve:
Living Streams Ranch serves women, teens, and children who seek healing from grief, trauma, and emotional wounds. While participants are not required to profess a Christian faith, our entire ministry is rooted in faith and Scripture. We will read the Bible and pray during every session. Most Ranchers are teenage girls and women up to age 80. We also serve girls aged 8 and above and boys aged 8-12. Ranchers must have a willingness to come; we do not force anyone to participate against their will. Sessions are offered at no cost for Ranchers.

Living Streams Ranch Group with Horse

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” ~Ephesians 2:10