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Living Streams Ranch serves women, teens, and children who are dealing with grief, trauma, and other deep emotional pain. As a nonprofit ministry, we offer a safe, confidential environment for individuals to share their stories, express their feelings, and find healing without judgement. During individual private sessions, Ranchers will journey through various activities under the mentorship of a Session Leader. Every session is unique and prayerfully designed to guide Ranchers into a closer relationship with Jesus so that they can replace truth for lies and heal from past hurts.

During weekly sessions, Ranchers and their Session Leaders use many different tools to move towards their healing goals including Scripture, prayer, horses, object lessons, walks in the woods, devotionals, quiet reflection, reading materials, and creative expression.

Living Streams Ranch offers this ministry at no charge. The Ranch is fully supported by generous donations from individuals, businesses, and churches.

The Tools We Use:

  • The Bible – The Bible is our lifeline to God. We will continually refer to Scripture to search for truth, reinforce God’s message, and seek His plan for our lives.
  • Prayer – Prayer is how we speak to God, and we honor His sovereignty. As humans, we acknowledge that all work completed at Living Streams Ranch is achieved by us through the power of the Holy Spirit, and prayer is how we continually remind ourselves of that truth. We especially practice listening prayer, encouraging Ranchers to listen for God and grow in intimacy with Him.
  • Horses – Horses naturally bond to humans. They are wonderful animals to use for reinforcing Biblical truths, building trust, setting boundaries, and learning to listen intuitively.
  • Object Lessons – Lessons that integrate physical activity and the senses are memorable. The lessons help Ranchers truly connect to the concepts we use in each session. Ranchers often find deeper clarity, even days or months later, from reflecting on how an object lesson relates to their story.
  • Walks in the Woods – There is just something about being in the woods that helps us humbly recognize God’s magnificent creation and quiet our own minds. The wooded trails at the Ranch are lined with specific Scripture-based lessons for Ranchers to explore with Session Leaders. Many sessions will lead to a 14-foot cross in the woods where we lay down our burdens to our Savior.
  • Devotionals – Our devotional series focuses on how Jesus related specifically to women in the gospel accounts so that we can view our identities through His eyes.
  • Quiet Reflection – Some sessions will focus on rest. We will choose a quiet place to sit and simply talk about specific aspects of the Rancher’s healing journey.
  • Reading Materials – We provide many resources to reinforce lessons and for Ranchers to continue working through in their own time.
  • Creative Expression – Creative expression helps us bring things to the surface that we can’t put into words. We provide numerous art, journaling, and other creative projects for Ranchers to use in their healing journey.

“On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” ~John 7:37-38

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